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Middle & High School Edition

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School Edition

For Middle & High School

This edition of Chasing Hope (CH) which was created with the middle and high school youth in mind, goes way beyond the scope of educating an adolescent on the facts surrounding opioid abuse.  After watching this film the viewer will understand addiction, why risks are so much greater in adolescence, what comes with addiction including incarceration, violence, and possibly death.  The viewer will get a chance to look at their own coping skills, how they make decisions, and learn how closely linked prescribed opioids are to heroin.  Compliant with Governor Kasich’s educational requirements to teach opioid prevention, this film comes with a discussion guide which opens up a dialogue between presenters and youth for grades 6-12.

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*Additional information for working with children and adolescents on the subject of drugs, addiction as it pertains to specific age groups can be found at the following links:
 Children grades K-3  
Children grades 4-5  


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ONE powerfully addresses the issue of addiction from a perspective most films don’t address; addiction is within all of us. 

We respectfully request that you help us spread this message that challenges all of us to look within as we self-examine our hearts, searching for connection to others, our identity, how addiction steps in, our ways of addressing feelings, life’s meaning, change and our perception of it, and finally, responsibility of our choices and what we do with them.

For those wishing to lead a discussion on this, there is a guide which can be purchased for $4.99 available at that leads facilitators in a powerful group dialogue, encouraging participants to dive deeper into their own life’s journey.  Check out our Facebook page for updates or email us at if you need further information.

One can be purchased or rented on Amazon and is free for Prime members. Please leave a review so others may have insight into the experience of ONE.