About the Diversion Program

For all the parents who trusted us with your children and opened your minds and hearts to gaining new tools, we thank you. For all the teens who chose to step out of their comfort zone and be vulnerable, get real and work through their struggles, we honor you. From all of us at Spring Green Diversion Program, remember, regardless of the amount or types of gifts we give our children, nothing...NOTHING, can replace the gift of your time.  We wish you moments that bring great memories!



The Spring Green Educational Foundation (SGEF) Youth Diversion program is a program which focuses on cognitive self-change, as well as problem solving skills.  Our program is designed to provide education and support in a holistic approach for the youth as well as their parents/guardians. Over the course of ten weeks, our families meet once a week.  A major component of our program is providing the tools to build stronger family relationships and enhance key communication skills.  

The program uses multiple community resources which feature a variety of topics. These additional educational components include topics such as smoking, drug/alcohol abuse, safe use of social media and technology, and other current topics.


These classes utilize much of the highly successful Thinking for Change program curriculum, adapting it to meet the needs of the group dynamics.  Youth are provided activities and opportunities to identify their thinking patterns, how these impact their life and given tools on how to change their patterns to healthier, productive decisions.


Trained facilitators lead a 10 week program based on the national Parent Project.  Classes run simultaneously with the youth program, educating and equipping parents on how to successfully help their teen change destructive behaviors.

Program Highlights

Serving AOD Youth

Every youth enrolled in our program is required to submit to random drug testing.

If a youth has been referred to our program as a result of a substance use/abuse charge, they will complete an AOD assessment, and comply with assessment results.


While under contract, all youth are required to comply with the curfew rules as laid out by the contract.  Curfew checks are conducted by our Enforcement officer.

Community Service Hours

Youth are assigned community service hours during their intake. This not only gives them the opportunity to give back to their community but to be a part of it as well.