Information for Schools

The educational system is beginning to realize that suspensions do not change behavior.  In fact, the opposite is often true, with research indicating that increased suspensions not only lead to poor attendance, but also a drop in academics and test scores, often increasing in destructive behavior.  While a suspension may provide a temporary fix, it doesn’t change the primary problem; why the student has committed the offense.

The Spring Green Educational Foundation’s Diversion Program’s impact is significant and has successfully worked with schools in the northwest Ohio area for years.  What make this program so effective is its comprehensive approach to addressing the offense by working with both the student and their family.  Each student enrolled attends a 10-week course which not only addresses the violation committed, but also helps them understand why they made the choice and equally as important, how to avoid falling into the same pattern in the future.  Parents/Guardians are required to attend a separate program that runs simultaneously with the youth class.

All students are assigned a law enforcement officer who conducts random drug tests and ensures students are meeting home and community expectations such as curfew, attendance in school and class, community service hours, etc.  A social worker is also assigned to the family and schools are encouraged to work with them as needed to be sure communication is open and all requirements are being fulfilled.  Many schools have used this program in place of filing charges as an effort to keep the student from obtaining a criminal record, allowing them to remain in class where they can continue to work on their academics and attendance.  

If you are interested in learning more about the program or have any questions, you are encouraged to contact us or call (419) 250-0810 for more information.