Parent Program

The Parent Project focuses on changing destructive adolescent behavior, offering concrete, no-nonsense interventions for destructive adolescent behaviors including family conflict, poor school attendance and performance, media issues, alcohol and other drug use, early teen sexual acting out, youth gang involvement, runaway children, violent children, bullying and teen suicidality.

This 10-week class is designed to meet what research indicates are the three things parents need to change destructive behaviors. These include desire, specific information and skills, and emotional and practical support.

Each parent will receive a Parent Guide that will provide essential information and will be completed within the classroom through a discussion format, allowing the facilitators to adapt content to meet the needs of the group. Units covered are:

  1. Understanding our children
  2. Addressing problematic behavior
  3. A parents formula for success
  4. Adolescent drug use
  5. The out-of-control child
  6. Considering relationships and developing action plans
  7. Finding help and support
  8. The dynamics of change
  9. Managing conflict in the home
  10. Active listening
  11. Growing stronger teens
  12. Building positive self concepts
  13. Consistency
  14. Expectations, standards and values
  15. Promoting family unity
  16. Putting it together and making it work