Youth Program

We are fortunate enough to live in a world where we value education, we promote knowledge and work diligently to ensure our children strive toward academic excellence.  Yet too often this realization fails due to lack of knowledge in areas we often fail to realize are vital in order to achieve and sustain.  Who is teaching our children how to cope with stress, anxiety, isolation, depression and anger?  Without these tools, teens often become frustrated and too often end up on a path of destructive choices which may include violence, self-harm, drug/alcohol use, or isolating themselves from family and friends.

Through the 10 week Diversion Youth program, teens will be identifying:

  • How their thinking controls their behavior
  • The importance of identifying and being in touch with what they are feeling
  • Recognizing risky behavior and how connected these are to feelings
  • How to develop new thinking patterns and understanding the feelings of others
  • How to problem solve
  • The skill of being able to stop and think; then how to effectively communicate your frustration
  • How to identify what the real problem is
  • Goal setting and how to gather information to obtain the goal
  • How our choices directly impact our consequences
  • The impact social media has on our life as well as covering drugs and alcohol which include marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, crack and cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, inhalants, and LSD.

Perhaps the most effective component is the format of this class, allowing teens to openly discuss what they are working through as well as the freedom to openly ask questions in a group format. This 10-week experiential program has had tremendous success in the community, boasting an over 80 percent success rate of no further offenses or violations for all teens who successfully completed the program.