About Us


Our mission is to create, facilitate, manage and fund motivational, educational and inspirational programming to heal our world.

In living this mission out, we are guided by the belief that every human being has value and is deserving an opportunity for healing and personal growth. Our purpose is intentionally broad to allow ourselves to be relevant to the needs of a constantly changing culture.  We firmly believe everyone has a story and ever story deserves to be told, deserves to be heard.  Through this process we depend on education and equipping to change people, and ultimately to change flawed systems.

Since 2001 we have focused on teaching the power of connection and community while breaking down barriers that isolate and oppress.

Our Approach

SGEF has a group of Board members who actively strive to understand the ever-changing needs of the community.  We believe that change is progressive and must adapt to the current trends and requirements of the surrounding culture.  Therefore, the Board adopts issues that support the mission statement while providing a significant impact of positive change toward education, healing, restoration and connection.  We firmly stand by the concept of “modeling” the desired behavior and therefore select Board members and staff to lead these movements that actively reflect the purpose of the Foundation. The methods constantly change but SGEF stays in integrity to our mission always.