Chasing Hope Subject Speaks To Diversion Program

Published Thursday, August 30, 2018
Header Photo of Chasing Hope Subject Speaks To Diversion Program

Nicole Lange, a young woman featured in the middle and high school edition of the Chasing Hope film seen throughout the country has spoken to youth and their parents at Spring Green’s Diversion program. 

Each 10-week session run by the program focuses one entire class on the issues surrounding addiction, how common it is for adolescents to begin drug experimentation and use, and ways to prevent this from ever getting started.

During this week, facilitators show the Chasing Hope film for all parents and youth enrolled in the program.  Before viewing the video the group listens to someone who is in recovery share their journey through addiction and what they wish they would have known prior to their first use.  After the film’s viewing, a parent who has a child in addiction shares what they would have done differently with their child had they known then what they know now. In addition, the parent also shares with all youth in the room the devastating impact a child’s addiction has on the entire family.