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Release of 'One" to be announced

Published Monday, April 22, 2019
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After much anticipation, years of tears, laughter and beautiful hearts coming together, SGEF’s documentary titled “One” has finally been completed.  While there are a few minor editing tasks to finish up, the film is now being readied for its big marketing push out into the world.

Dawn Duhaime, Executive Director of SGEF, talks about the challenge of how to market this project. “It’s very important we are intentional about how we choose to get this message out to people.  Of course it’s a film about addiction, but it’s so much more.  It’s about pain, our desire to avoid it in a world where pleasure is worshipped and heartache is feared.  But pain is inevitable, and it’s only through the anguish that our life’s joys are often fully realized.  We know that collective pain is often the deepest form of connection, and still we hide. Whether your preoccupation or addiction is filled with drugs, spending, gambling, relationships, or whatever keeps your mind busy, we all have struggled with this, most still do.  Onehelps us with the “why.”  Oneshows how deeply we’re connected to each other and through that connection we find our meaning, our purpose, our place.”

Through the stories of Tito and Nicole, we learn about how common this battle is in the world and even offers glimpses into how we can walk through the valleys to reach the peaks.  As more information on the film’s release becomes available it will be shared through SGEF’s website and social media. Follow us on Facebook.  Go to our page “We are Spring Green” and click on ‘like’ to get all the updates.