SGEF’s Response to CoVid 19

Published Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Header Photo of SGEF’s Response to CoVid 19

Because of the quarantine and current pandemic, SGEF has made the following changes:

  • No group gatherings for our BAC Community either onsite or off campus.
  • Postponement of all Diversion programming until it is deemed safe to gather in groups again. While we are still receiving referrals for the program, we are temporarily suspending all intakes until further notice.  We will publish on our Facebook page, found at when intakes will start back up.
  • The marketing and release of our film has been pushed back in order to allow all community leaders and collaborators to focus on the immediate crisis, CoVid, and getting us through this calamity. We are very much committed to sharing this piece with the world but respectfully want to allow the focus to be placed on our current conditions.  ONE the documentary will be released as soon as we can and we will update you when details are known.

For an organization that is founded on connection and relationship, we feel deeply the impact this has had on our community.  We are still very much present and willing to support anyone struggling with the isolation and want to reassure all we will be in full swing when we have been told by the medical community it is safe to operate again.  If you have any immediate needs or are simply looking for some support, please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Dawn Duhaime, at 419-250-0810 or email at