Our Team


photo of Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor
Executive Director

Dawn has over 30 years experience in the field of social work, primarily focusing in the field of education where she served her last 8 years before joining Spring Green as a School Counselor and a Dean. View full bio »

photo of Matthew McVicker

Matthew McVicker
Board Member

Matt McVicker is a 2011 graduate of Bowling Green State University and currently works in the aviation industry as an Airport Manager. View full bio »

photo of Sandy Phillips

Sandy Phillips
Board Secretary

If you really knew me...you would know that I care about helping others and do not judge them for their choices, whether I believe they are best or not. View full bio »

photo of Tony Gericke

Tony Gericke

If you really knew me... you’d know that my three children are adopted. Naturally my wife and I wanted to have children, but I also felt called to use the blessings given to me for the benefit of others. Providing a home to children in need was a challenge laid on our hearts. View full bio »

photo of Amy Clark

Amy Clark
Board President

If you really knew me . . . you would know that my heart has always had a passion for restoration and healing. This has presented itself in many ways throughout my life. View full bio »