Our Team


photo of Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor
Executive Director

If you really knew me… you would know ever since I was a child I felt called to be a voice for those who have lost theirs. View full bio »

photo of Sandy Phillips

Sandy Phillips
Board Secretary

If you really knew me...you would know that I care about helping others and do not judge them for their choices, whether I believe they are best or not. View full bio »

photo of Vicky Ryan

Vicky Ryan
Board Member

If you really knew me . . . you would know that I believe that “to those who much has been given, much is expected.” It is a blessing for me to use my gifts to “give back and pay forward” wherever I can. View full bio »

photo of Amy Clark

Amy Clark
Board President

If you really knew me . . . you would know that my heart has always had a passion for restoration and healing. This has presented itself in many ways throughout my life. View full bio »

photo of Tony Gericke

Tony Gericke

If you really knew me... you’d know that my three children are adopted. Naturally my wife and I wanted to have children, but I also felt called to use the blessings given to me for the benefit of others. Providing a home to children in need was a challenge laid on our hearts. View full bio »

photo of Matthew McVicker

Matthew McVicker
Board Member

Matt McVicker is a 2011 graduate of Bowling Green State University and currently works in the aviation industry as an Airport Manager. View full bio »