Amy Clark

Parent Project Facilitator & Youth Facilitator

photo of Amy Clark

20 some years ago Amy and her father along with six other brave souls took on the restoration project of the Old Monclova School in Monclova Ohio.  Facilitating the resurrection of that amazing building fed her soul.  Amy states that as they replaced windows, heating systems and walls, the energy and excitement of a once dormant structure was palatable, and upon completion the movement of people of all generations was incredibly rewarding.  The programming of a senior center, 4-H, scouting a YMCA child care and many more enriching opportunities for growth arose.

The work of SGEF is every bit as rewarding to her.  Watching the facilitation of programming that provides an opportunity for restoration and healing causes her heart to sing, along with witnessing a teen from the diversion program opening their mind to new possibilities or a parent understanding new ways to best support and set boundaries for their child.  She describes her joy at observing a person imprisoned by an addiction to heroin break free and get the help they need.

It can be the restoration of brick and mortar or the healing of a human heart;  it's all very exciting to her.

Amy’s professional experience comes with an extensive background in real estate which has played a key role in her success as the manager of Roach Enterprises, where she oversees the management operations for commercial properties.  Amy is responsible for bringing the Challenge Day program to the northwest Ohio area initially introducing it to the Anthony Wayne Schools where she has been a significant part of their community.  In addition, she served on the Challenge Day Board for 8 years.  She has been responsible for the coordination of numerous personal growth workshops in the community that have contributed to hundreds of individuals personal healing through life trauma.  She is married to Kerry Patrick Clark, mother to Mitch, Matthew and Robbie, grandmother to Isla and Killian.

“If you really knew me . . . you would know that my heart has always had a passion for restoration and healing.  This has presented itself in many ways throughout my life.”