"As a former member of the diversion program, I learned and also changed so much after going through the class. I went from being at the lowest point in my life to being the best I’ve ever been. This class not only teaches you about the effects of drugs and alcohol, but it also teaches you about manors and life guidelines to follow. I think that other people should take advantage of this program so they can also get the help they need. In the long run diversion is a great program for all teenagers when it comes to fixing unhealthy habits."

– Former Student

"The staff relate with honesty, humor and even singing and dancing. It’s obvious that they care very much for each one of these teens, letting them know that they're there for them any time – and they means it."

– Parent, Diversion Program Participant

"With all of the distractions and temptations facing teenagers, it’s easy to see how they can easily get sucked into “the dark side.” And when your own kid starts heading in that direction, it’s terrifying. Thankfully, both my son and I had a chance to hit the reset button - on our relationship together and the decisions we each make. For me, the parenting class was at times overwhelming emotionally as I needed to rethink how I am as a mom, and also relieving, because I got the tools I needed to move forward. The other benefit was the camaraderie and understanding not only from the other parents who are experiencing similar challenges, but from the staff who showed with every action, phone call and discussion that they put my son’s well-being first. We both started the program with dread, thinking it would be punishment, but we exited with a newfound understanding of ourselves, each other and how many people in the community really care."

– Parent, Diversion Program Participant